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It was July 13, 2016.  We were both wearing blue pants.  It's a sign. We just knew it was a boy... but it would be THIS day, THIS appointment (our 20 week ultrasound) that we would find out the gender of our first little love.

To our surprise, it was also the day that we would be given devastating news about our pregnancy.  Our baby (due the day after Thanksgiving) was sick.  

Meet Gavin George Connery.

Gavin was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).  It is a birth defect that has an unknown cause and a “reason” is something that is being sought after, and has been for years now.  We, as Gavin's parents, encourage you to ask us any questions you wish as telling Gavin’s story about his fight against CDH is something we are very honored and proud to do.  It helps us raise awareness and tell you about a little boy, with mighty strength and a level of bravery and resilience that we could never live up to, even on our strongest day. 

Gavin came into our world on November 8, 2016 and gained his angel wings on January 18, 2017.  For 72 days, we showed our son what love looked like, what it felt like and what it sounded like. Our days with Gavin are those we will forever cherish.

CDH is a horrible birth defect and having to say goodbye to your baby without any reason for why this happens is very unsettling for us.  Fueled by our love for Gavin, our mission is to raise CDH awareness, fund CDH research and bring some good ol' fashion goodness into this world.

Helping others is what we would have taught our sweet boy to do. 

And so, we will do just that... in his honor.

with love and appreciation,

the Gavin Connery Foundation

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